Philippines is known to be the home of the world-renowned beaches and tourist destinations. It is also the home of the most hospitable and caring people in the whole world. But this good aspects of the Philippines will not conceal the reality that poverty is very rampant in this promising country.  According to the Philippine Statistics Authority In the first three months of 2015, 26.3 percent of Filipinos were found to be living below the poverty line. These means that a quarter of the Philippines population was unable to meet basic necessities. These big number is very alarming to think that the most affected in this predicament is the innocent children who were forced to live such a difficult life in the streets. Because of these a lot of children were malnourished and unable to pursue their education.

Credit: http://patriciacelon.blogspot.com/2014/01/filipino-children-driven-to-streets-by.html

Now it is only natural to us to see children sleep,live and desperately beg for food in the streets. Some of these children were abandoned by their parents, some were victims of violence.  Some of this children are already drawn to drugs and criminality even before they turn to legal age. This children are the product of poverty in this society.

Credit : http://www.privatephotoreview.com/2014/06/alexander-conrady-children-living-in-poverty-in-the-philippines/

There is something that I want to relay to everyone especially to my fellow Filipinos. Aren’t we known for being caring and passionate people, then its time for us to make a move to change these children lives. We have to take action to put back these children to the right track by fighting against poverty. For these children are the future of our nation, if we will let these children to continue to live such a horrible life then it just means that we are already throwing away the future of our nation and the values that we have as Filipinos.



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